About Our Founder

Liza Ansher, B2B Sales and Marketing Leader

While the “Agency” in Marketing Cognitive takes center stage, Liza Ansher’s experience remains an integral part of what we do. Her background in marketing, technology consulting, community engagement, and sales team training resulted in several brands surpassing $50 million valuation thresholds, along with the organization and optimization of countless growth periods for the sales team.

Select accomplishments:

CEO & Founder

As Liza Ansher developed the Marketing Cognitive around core values that impact every brand we touch, she gained insight into what engages customers, scales businesses, and drives revenue growth. We are the agency for brands that value authenticity, ethics, and revenue growth. Liza Ansher continues to assist project managers with strategy development while working 1:1 with select brands.

It doesn’t have to be hard to work with a pro. With the Marketing Cognitive team, you get expert eyes on your projects from ideation to delivery. She provides full-stack marketing to all of her clients based on her principles of honesty, transparency, and compassion.

You can experience what a pioneer in digital marketing can do for your business today if you get in touch with us.

Meet The Team

Jule Strachman

Her feisty and fabulous marketing director is Julie Strachman. In the fields of Telecom, CDN, Edge Compute, and IaaS, she has extensive experience in Customer Service, Sales Support, Branding, Intelligence Marketing, Product Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Advertising, and Event Organization. She can often be found talking about her second passion, Muay Thai, when she isn’t kicking butt and taking names at Marketing Cognitive.

Marketing Director

Kalisa Jenne

Her passion lies in brainstorming. She enjoys being creative, strategizing, and providing feedback on other team suggestions. If you are looking for a motivated, diligent team player, Kalisa is the one for you. In her spare time, she enjoys listening to music, and she can do so for hours on end.

Sales & Marketing Administador

David Taylor

David Taylor is our Marketing Account Manager, and she is the best person to help you scale your business. If she can convince your mom to join her team, imagine what she could do for your company.

Marketing Account Manager

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